Engberts' world of products

Standard products, tailored solutions and the iCAT series: Engberts' developments at a glance.

Engberts’ products always use the shortest and direct path to solve a problem or a task. With our iCAT series, this led to an extensive modular product portfolio, which is being used by cable and cable-harness manufacturers around the world. Our crimp force and press pressure test systems made us known in the industry and are still setting the standard today. Moreover, we are also reliable problem-solvers when it comes to the developments that are designed specifically for corporate groups and medium-sized enterprises throughout the world: the optical single grain counter for AMAZONE Agricultural Machinery, the electric filler cap detector for a subcontractor of AUDI and many other solutions. All of these solutions can be seen here, yet are only a small portion of our extensive product portfolio. Are we the right match for your problem? Let us be the solution – simply give us a call or send a mail.

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