Crimp force monitor BB07i4

The new generation of crimp force monitoring by Engberts.

The BB07i4 is suitable for integration into virtually all crimping presses. The force curves can be displayed either on the corresponding press control (e.g. Schäfer EPS 2016) or via the BB07x Manager 4 on the PC.

Crimp quality monitoring

  • Force measurement and comparison of the force with reference value for crimp quality assessment.
  • Detection of missing copper material.
  • Detection of insulation inside the copper crimp.
  • Force measurement is effected either force-controlled (force-time measurement) or via an incremental encoder (force-distance measurement). Start sensors can be integrated if the measurements are force-controlled.
  • Drift compensation, including the detection of periodic errors (gradual change during the course of production).
  • Several error levels, e.g. for a quick stop of the crimp press to prevent tool damage in case of severe crimp errors.
  • Supports multi setups and multi references. This means, for instance, that it is possible to monitor different cable types used during one production cycle or to increase the monitoring accuracy.

Simple assembly

  • Various force sensors can be used.
  • Easy retrofitting as distance and angle meters are optional for operation.

Integration in process control

  • Complete control with BB07x Manager 4 software.
  • Integration in machine control of Schäfer manual work stations as well as Schäfer’s fully automatic wire processing machine Megomat.
  • Optional storage of all results as well as force curves with the BB07x Manager 4 PC software.
  • Multiple devices monitoring via ethernet.
  • Control and evaluation of results via I/O interface (e.g. via external PLC).
  • High-resolution display of the force curve in the BB07x Manager 4.