engberts iCATsystem

The only cable test system in the world with test module position detection and extremely fast test setup time for various cable harnesses.

With the engberts iCAT, we have introduced a completely new and universal approach to cable test systems: The modular design and simple test module systematic allow us to cover 90% of all test scenarios that are commonly found in the cable industry. Existing modules for other systems are easily adaptable.


Fast test setup conversions for different cable harnesses

Thanks to the patented technology, the system can be adapted easily without the need to wire any adapters. The complete test system can thus be converted to test other cable harnesses in the blink of an eye. The visually-guided setup instructions guarantee a correct and geometrically accurate test setup. The test modules can be positioned individually on a one-centimeter grid – this allows for maximum versatility.

Highest efficiency – especially for small and medium-sized production batches

Engberts iCAT is designed for any number of cable harnesses; even a test setup for production batches as small as 1 piece is economically feasible. With the wide variety of modules as well as the multiple uses of test modules significantly reduces costs. Existing test modules can be integrated without any problems. Furthermore it is possible to incorporate, correct, and test cable harnesses in one single work station.

Easy handling and operation with easyCATS software

Thanks to the plug and play function of the easyCATS operating software it only takes a few moments to start the system. The intuitive, visually-guided easyCATS test software also makes instructions and training quick and easy.

Engberts iCAT at a glance:

  • advanced and intelligent measurement technology
  • state-of-the-art adapter technology
  • exact positioning of test modules on a one-centimeter grid
  • sophisticated and highly efficient easyCATS test software
  • easy-to-integrate high voltage testing