Automotive industry

Solutions for the automotive industry must meet not only the highest standards but, in many cases, very specific standards as well. In cooperation with the manufacturers and subcontractors in the automotive industry, Engberts provides fast, ingeniously simple and even unconventional products - often based on our "Invent!" program.

Construction and agricultural machinery

Specific tasks require specific solutions. The construction and agricultural sectors demand extremely specialized sensor and control systems that are capable of withstanding high loads. Engberts develops them - often using the Engberts "Invent!" development program.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are also confronted with new challenges - in particular, manufacturers and operators of wind power plants are dependent on safe, space-saving and efficient solutions. Engberts can provide these solutions.

Cable industry

Our company roots in specialized developments for the cable industry - it is not without reason that Engberts is one of the world's most renowned technical problem-solvers for everything around inspecting, measuring and testing cable systems.