Test module for signal distributors in automotive applications


  • Electrical testing of 180 pins with different contours.
  • Large dimensions of the test subject with 350 x 110 x 50 mm.
  • Due to the many spring probes and the resulting forces, a very high insertion force is required.
  • Testing the physical presence of automotive fuses.
  • The test subject may be produced with geometric deviations. These must not compromise the test.
  • The test module should be compatible with both iCATsystem light and iCATsystem direct.


  • Use of a toggle clamp to handle the plug-in forces. This is used instead of a pneumatically moving platform in order to stay within budget.
  • Three-part construction of the module with a floating design to account for geometric variations of the test subject.
  • The most suitable spring probes are used to contact varying pins of the tested subject.
  • The physical presence of the car fuses is tested via switching test probes.
  • The test module is designed to be used with both iCATsystem (light & direct) test stations.