Engberts Invent!  – think tank with production department

With our Engberts Invent! program we have turned project planning, development and production of special solutions into a simple principle. Problem identification, conceptual design, implementation and series production have become easily assignable, manageable processes which we can handle within short time frames and on fixed budgets. The result is the product you are looking for – a single part as a prototype for your production or 10,000 parts from our series production: flexibility à la Engberts.

Project planning

Project planning with the Engberts Invent! program starts with you: You are faced with a problem or a specific task – and you pass it on to us. In one or two half-day workshops we will gather the necessary data, background information and the environment of the task with you: Do you need a “quick fix”? Do you need support with developing a series production? Afterwards, our staff will put their heads together and develop solutions, time lines and possible efficient production methods. We then present the solution, point out any and all conceivable alternatives and advise you towards the ideal procedure.


Developing solutions is what sets us apart – it is the core of our strengths: developing technically-sound and efficient solutions – as possible only in a small team of experts. Hardware developers, engineers and software experts work in an interdisciplinary team that has grown together over the years and continuously advances their knowledge. The experiences gained from uncountable difficult, time-sensitive and sometimes even unsolvable problems enable us to stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand. We are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and follow the principles of continuous process improvement. The development is completed with the product: simple, efficient, and perfect for its task.


The product has been developed and is ready – according to your specification, either for your own series production, as small series or as a first shipment of products manufactured by us. State-of-the-art production equipment and efficient structures often make production at Engberts more profitable than production at your own facility. Customers appreciate the high level of flexibility and the organizational structure according to international standards at Engberts. Our high level of expert knowledge in testing technology delivers quality without compromise: Test methods and testing procedures to any desired extent warrant the degree of safety you and your product require.

The Engberts Invent! program ensures individual solutions for any problems

Our think tank has realized and implemented quite a few ideas in collaboration with our customers. Here you see a selection of some of the results