iCATsystem fusion

The advanced cable test system
designed to benefit, in particular, large scale volume production. Trendsetting technology with plug&play-intelligence for standard test modules

The iCATsystem fusion stands for high flexibility combined with minimum setup time. Aimed at minimizing cost, the interchangeable standard electronics significantly reduces the wiring effort. With the iCATsystem fusion production staff can now easily handle new setups.

The unique design of the system allows an unlimited amount of test points – with only one connecting cable and without the need to upgrade the central test hardware

Owing to the modular design of the table system, the size and arrangement of the test setup is virtually unlimited; the test table is thus adaptable to a wide range of requirements.

Technical Features:

  • standardized Engberts swap electronics
    with 16 or 32 test points
  • unlimited enhancement of the amount of test points by cascading the Engberts swap elektronic
  • “passive” PCB-board with identification chip
  • 8-pin plug connection to Engberts test system-bus
  • Universal fixture for simple mounting
  • Modular design of the test table -> virtually unlimited expandability
  • Arbitrary combination with iCATsystem matrix 
  • Large side caps facilitate good accessibility

The advantages for the user

  1. Free choice of the test module manufacturers
  2. Reduced wiring effort à clear overview & arrangement!
  3. Utmost flexibility due to quick interchangeability of test modules
  4. Multiple setup tasks can be carried out by production staff
  5. Engberts swap electronics can be freely switched between test modules
  6. The number of required swap electronics depends on the number
    of test modules in use at any one time à saving acquisition cost
  7. Cost-saving multiple use across lots of test table generations