Flow meter for single-seed drill Azurit


Lemken has developed the Azurit 9 precision drill with the “DeltaRow” technology. The DeltaRow consists of two staggered rows to maximise the surface area that is available each plant on the field. Seeds are placed alternately in the respective double rows in a triangular arrangement.

A specially adapted sensor was needed to monitor this separation.


Engberts developed a sensor unit with two counters that is specially tailored to the Lemken “DeltaRow” seed singling system. The sensor can detect doubles (several grains singled at the same time) and misses (missing grains in the singling, e.g. if the perforated disc is dirty).

To create tramlines, one of the double rows is suspended and grains are only placed in the other. This mode of tramlining is supported by the sensor.

Depending on the environmental conditions (air humidity, temperature) and the soil procurement, the sensors get soiled to different degrees. The optical counters automatically adjust to this contamination level.

Data transmission to the machine takes place via a CAN bus connection. The sensor can be operated on a 12V or 24V electrical system.