The testsoftware for iCATsystem

PositionierungThe realistic graphic illustration makes the test setupself-explanatory. Test setups differing from specifications of the chosen test program (type, position or direction) will be detected automatically by the test system. The automatic correction feature guides the user  to the proper test setup. A reliable and repeatable test setup is thus guaranteed every time!

Die Eingangs- und KlemmungstestThe adaptation of the test specimen is graphically illustrated on the screen. Therefore, place and type of any errors are easily traceable.

VerlegenWhen using the iCATsystem as a laying system, easyCATS shows the route of the wires to be laid on the monitor as well as on the laying board itself by means of LED lamps.

The easyCATS -software covers all basic functions of a wire test system with regard to wiring and component tests. Once a wiring error is detected, repair mode can be called up directly; it is supported by contact probe and multimeter functions.

ArbeitsschritteditorA test process can be defined either by teaching in a pass specimen or by importing test data in Excel format. Special test functions can be defined conveniently and easily with the integrated editor. Suitable tools for various different applications are available to that end.