iCATsystem basis

iCATsystem basis is a complete package including all components required to test cable harnesses.

The iCATsystem universal quick mating plug kit facilitates the cost-efficient production of individual adapters with mating plugs. Any mating plug can simply be secured on the cover plate. The cables to be tested are then soldered onto the connection board. Additional material for simple assembly is available from us upon request.

A vast variety of different products can be tested with just a few modules thanks to the computer-guided, extremely fast adaptation along with the multiple uses of mating plug adapters and test modules.

The system can be enhanced with a wide range of accessories. For instance, the test surface can be expanded with the “iCATsystem expansion test element”. Likewise, all Engberts test modules, such as the contact modules, vacuum test modules or interlock test modules, can be used. Existing test modules from other manufacturers can be adapted with the Engberts universal housing for use with the test box modules.


The following components are included in the iCATsystem basis:

1x easyCATS the test software for iCATsystem with 100% test assembly monitoring and QDE
iCATsystem Universal assembly kit
(including 3 with universal clamp)
1x mounting panel
4x mounting bolts
4x screws
1x connecting panel
1x 2-colour led
iCATsystem test box module
to hold universal assembly kits.
2x test box module with 8 test pins
2x test box module with 16 test pins
2x test box module with 32 test pins
iCATsystem module holders
light grey, 1
8x18cm plug-in matrix for iCATsystem test modules
iCATsystem covers
Serves to cover unused plug-in position on the iCATsystem desk element.
iCATsystem operating module
The iCATsystem operating module serves to start and stop test sequences, to carry out manual measurements on the specimen and to locate and get information about the test pins using the pin probe. Serves to navigate through the easyCATS menus from the test environment.
iCATsystem Basicsystem PC
Name-brand computer with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, PCI card PCI/CAN