iCATsystem fusion HV

Our iCATsystem fusion HV cable test system facilitates tests with up to 3,750 V/DC. Owing to the modular design of the desk system, a multitude of different sizes and layouts can be realized. The test benches can easily be adapted to your specific requirements and optimum process integration. Thus, the desk is particularly suitable for medium and large cable harness manufacturers.

What makes the iCAT fusion HV-test bench stand out is its high level of flexibility and the minimal setup and changeover time. The modules are connected to the system with just two connection cables (data and voltage) permitting a large number of test points.

The entire cable test system can be modified and supplemented with additional test options. For example, a test sequence can be expanded with visual color detection or network connections can be realized. All tests are facilitated with our easyCATS software.

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum test voltage
    • 2,650V AC/max. 3mA
    • 3,750V DC/max. 12mA
  • Modular test bench design
    → virtually unlimited expandability
  • 8-pin plug connector to the Engberts-test system bus
  • Module electronics with up to 10 test points and 6 in- and outputs each
  • Expanding the number of test points by cascading the Engberts electronics

Advantages for the user

  1. Minimal wiring work → clarity and system!
  2. Free choice of test module suppliers
  3. High level of flexibility through quick exchangeability of the test modules
  4. Many setup tasks can be directly performed by production workers
  5. Cost-saving, multiple use of modules over successive test bench generations