Single grain counter


Modern agriculture increasingly requires the maximum use of agricultural land with minimum effect on the environment by means of resource-optimizing use of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds.

A sensor by a leading German manufacture is needed to optimize the seed count in single seed sowing machines.


The use of the single grain counter by Engberts increased the performance of the single grain sowing machine by 30 to 50 per cent compared to a conventional machine of the same type. The increased control of grain usage improves efficiency and thus the result.

Air blows the seed grains through the sensor and an optical system detects and counts the individual seed grains.

The sensor is designed for tough agricultural working conditions with the matching rugged mechanical construction.

Engberts GmbH provides design, technical development, injection molding and production – from a single source.

The optical sensor system of single grain counter (working range from 860 to 900 nanometers) facilitates the detection of up to 1,000 counts/second with a maximum metering range of approx. 100m/s.
Additional characteristics:

  • Supply voltage 12 volts DC
  • Open collector output
  • Rugged plastic housing (can be adapted to specific applications)
  • CAN or LIN connection via micro controller solution
  • Channel diameter: 20 millimeters

More capabilities

Pourable goods often require a mixture of various different materials. Such a mixing process can be monitored and even controlled with the single grain counter by Engberts INVENT.

The single grain counter can also be used to detect and count single particles.