Automotive industry

Manufacturers and subcontractors frequently approach us and ask for our ideas and developments to solve very specific problems. Time is often of the essence; nonetheless, it is absolutely essential that the solutions are reliable and meet the high standards of this industry.

We always strive to find the fastest, easiest and most economical solution to any problem. With our “Invent!” program, the cooperation always begins with a joint workshop with our customers during which the problems and requirements are discussed in detail. Once everything has been clarified and understood, our interdisciplinary team of experts join forces to develop the most viable solution for the problem at hand. In the past, such individual solutions included, for instance, a filler cap sensor meeting the North American regulations regarding the detection of vaporous vehicle emissions which needed to be retrofitted as quickly as possible. Another specialized development: the handicap controller, a control device integrating driving aids inside the vehicle that converts control signals of various control elements into so-called BUS commands.