Current sensor


A large manufacturer of battery chargers and motor controls needed a specially adapted current sensor of its products. As nothing suitable was available on the market, they decided to develop their own current sensor.

Due to the size of the company and the internal processes, it was very cumbersome and tedious for the customer to carry out the development itself as every single little part needed to be procured by the purchasing department. On top of that, the release procedures were very extensive. Furthermore, the design of its own in-house electronics would generate significant costs.


This company contacted Engberts to design the structure of the circuit board as well as the design of the sensor housing. Specifications regarding the electric circuit diagrams, properties of the components to be used and regarding the geometry of the housing were provided by the customer.

Engberts handled the entire design and assembly of the prototype, as well as the construction of the housing and the corresponding tool injection molding. Different versions of the prototype were developed which were tested by the customer. In the end, the product was ready for series production and produced by Engberts.